How To: No Sew Tutu

I must admit, I wasn’t able to fulfill the 1-post-a-week I originally planned on doing, but I will do my best to uphold this commitment moving forward.

So while my work laptop is acting up (yeah, it’s taking 45 minutes to boot after I upgraded to Skype. boo-hoo), I am taking this opportunity to update you with one of my previous favorite tutorials, the No Sew Tutu [Dress]! I actually keep calling it Tutu Dress even though Tutu in itself already means “skirt”, one  that is particularly used in ballet. But you get the point.

So let me show you the tutu dress I made for my daughter’s photoshoot back in 2013 for her first birthday:

And here’s how you can make one yourself:

– 3 yards dark pink soft tulle
– 1 yard 1-inch wide ribbon
– 1 baby headband
– scissors
– glue gun
– glue stick

1. Cut the tulle in 20 inches by 6 inches (length x width) strips.
2. Tie each strip of tulle around the hols in the baby headband.
3. Cut 2 8-inch strips of  the ribbon.
4. Attach each white ribbon strip into the back of the baby headband.

For a more illustrative tutorial, which also serves as my reference, you may view video here.

And that’s it! 🙂



About eclations

An IT Professional by day. A crafter by night (and weekends). At all times, a mother.


  1. I love your blog! I can relate with the trying to post once-a-week thing. 😊


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