Carefree Isn't So Free Afterall

Who doesn’t want to live carefree? I guess none. Right? At one point or another, in one way or another, each of us do something within our power to live, “carefree”.


I look at my 4-year old daughter who lives carefree so I get to feel even just a tiny bit carefree myself.


My mom makes lots and lots of paper flowers to feel carefree.


My husband watches shoe reviews on youtube to feel carefree.


Normal people dance, eat, engage in sports, or even sleep in order to feel carefree, even if just for a time.


But sadly, carefree can be more expensive for others. There are those who simply can’t afford to live carefree.


Like my nephew who is Fighting Hemophilia. How can dancing at such a young “active” stage almost cost you your leg? How can coloring, writing, studying cause hemorrhage? How can, even just sleeping, cause hemorrhage and pain? How can normal things, out of nowhere, cause internal bleeding or sores on a little boy’s body? Seems unimaginable to normal people like us, but to kids like him, that is what normal looks like.


But we can help him have a better shot at living even just a tiny little bit carefree. Yes we can! So let’s help him, shall we?


Please head on over to our GoFundMe campaign and support, donate, PRAY, and campaign (share) with us!


Living a totally carefree life is hard for normal people like us, even harder for people like Edj. But it is possible. 😉


Thank you all and God bless!

Fighting Hemophilia

Here is a little break from crafting:

Support my nephew Edj’s battle against Hemophilia!

I am not the type of person who would normally do this, but as they say, people can do anything for family. This is something that’s really close to my heart so bear with me. Here goes..

My nephew, Edj, is now 12 years old. Life has not been easy for this kid, I assure you. But how this boy grew up strong and joyful is a marvel to me. It’s proof that God is there in every situation. It’s a proof of His love and grace, of His miracle.

Understanding that there are many hardships, sacrifices, and pain behind my nephew’s handsome face and dashing smile, I try my best to make him happy and comfortable as possible. But there are limits to what I can do and so now I’m turning to bigger hands for help: (a) the hands of good and compassionate people I believe still exist in this world and (b) the Big Hands of the Lord God Almighty who touches the hearts of those people – you and me both – and continues to miraculously heal our boy.

So I urge you, please head over to our GoFundMe campaign and know more about Edj and his condition (you’ll also see pictures of this handsome boy).

Your donations and PRAYERS are very much welcome. Even the simple gesture of sharing our campaign on your blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts will mean a lot to us and will be very much appreciated!

God bless you all and more! 🙂


My Mom and Crafting

My mom loves to craft. I often come home to paper or felt flowers and other handmade things, made out of my stash/supplies, only, I didn’t make them. She did. Haha. I can’t really say if I inherited it from her, or she from me. But I’d often joke that she got it from me. :p

Though actually, we have different styles and we have different behaviors when it comes to crafting and I guess that makes our team work.

I often act as the pioneer, the initiator, the innovator, the starter; then she follows, executes, mass produces, and surpasses. Yes, surpasses!

You see, I am a “spur-of-the-moment” type of crafter, depending on what my thoughts and mood dictate. While she is the “slowly but surely, quality over quantity” crafter. She is so meticulous with every detail that our ratio of finishing things is 2:10.

I am the vintage-y, what works in the market type. She is the playful, explorative type.

For example, take a look at the vases we made for the paper flowers she made:



Mine’s on the left: vintage, simple, too little details/minimalist since it was faster to make yet still works for the current market or trend.

My mom’s work is on the right: playful, colorful, decorative or detailed that took her time to punch out each flower or butterfly and carefully place them around the bottle evenly, and works best for the unique or playful minds that appreciate handmade and the intricacies that come with it.

Again, different, but works out just the same. 🙂

So with these very differences, we are able to cater to a vast range of clients with different preferences and personalities. We work together best!


This is perhaps why I removed “by Jacque” from Eclations.


Eclations is no longer about me or by me. It is about us, my mom and I; and you (our client, follower, family and friend) as well.


I love you mom!


To God be the glory!

May 2016 Felt Flower Workshop

Felt. Felt. Felt. Don’t tell me you’ve had enough of felt from my posts. Well I haven’t so you have no choice but to stick with it, or me for a while. Haha! 🙂

This is actually a late post of the Felt Flower Workshop I conducted last May 28, 2016. The second of my workshops at the Crafters Marketplace, Edsa Shangri-La. And might I say, I enjoyed this very much!

I had 5 participants, friends, all of which are most likely as creative as I am. I have had the pleasure of sharing my tips and tricks to this crowd, and it was likewise nice to listen to their own stories, own craft ventures, and own aspirations on what to do with whatever they learned from me.

And I would like to hope they learned from me. 🙂

So without much ado, here goes my photos! 🙂



And such lovely feedback! I wouldn’t mind doing this again. No, I would looooove to do this again! Join me next time?


To God be the glory! 🙂


Of Peonies, Felt and Supporting Pinoy Crafters

Don’t ask me why that is my title tonight. I just felt like it. Haha! Nah, just kidding!

Actually, I was really excited and happy when I received a request/order for paper flowers from a potential client a few weeks back. (Okay okay, it was from a couple of months ago). I just came from my felt flower workshop and I was in a state of asking myself  and wondering, “what’s next?”… so, potential clients are always welcome and very much a great encouragement to keep going! It was a request for 4 different-colored crepe or Japanese paper flowers, which I simply called peonies; and up for the challenge, I accepted the job.


A peg was given to me and I worked based on it though the outcome had, of course, my personal touch which deviated the end product a bit from the sample. Here’s a sample of my peonies.


But for some reason, on the day of delivery, I decided to lookup the origin of the peg and lo and behold, it was from another Pinay crafter whom I had the pleasure of meeting a few years back. I felt rather torn about it so I decided to ask the client if I can “not send” her the end product because I do not want to intentionally, nor unintentionally, copy or make something from another Pinoy crafter that is readily available here in the country. Thankfully, she understood and accepted my apology.


I was not really expecting her to take it very well. I was ready for the worst. But I had been blessed with a very nice client that she instead asked me to do another batch of flowers, made of felt this time, and whose peg we were sure didn’t come from here. And of course, I still had my personal touch in them.




I know having a craft business can be very tricky. With everything in the internet, with all the tutorials here and there, it is very hard to come up with something “original”. I for one, have had lots of ideas which I really thought I “invented” but a little search here and there will show that somehow or some way, someone somewhere has thought up a similar idea and made something that is not far from what I had in mind. Or I can sit down one day and make paper flowers out of my imagination and stock knowledge while you sit there in yout office during lunch break making paper flowers out of your own talent while another somewhere is teaching a paper flowers class with 6 or more people creating similar paper flowers; and I wouldn’t be surprised if and when we post them in fb and realize just how similar, if not the same, everybody’s work is. But that doesn’t stop us crafters from crafting, no? Because it is our passion. Our one true love, if I may exaggerate. You may hit bumps every now and then but it won’t stop you. You will and you will go ahead and make what your heart decided to make because until then, your creative itch will not make you sleep or rest or whatever. :p So as much as possible, we resort to just leaving our personal marks and touches that would make our handmade goodies “our own”.


Now having been “copied” before, and not wanting to be copied myself, though being an inspiration is great, I’ve long decided that I will not “deliberately” copy something that a fellow Pinoy crafter has made since I know how annoying and frustrating that can be, especially if it is for sale. But I do understand that there are some things that cannot be readily bought here, so that to me can be an exemption. But in some cases where an end product is seemingly like another’s, then I guess those are just “those that can’t be helped”, and as long as I know in my heart of hearts that I did not see that person’s work beforehad, I could stick to my crafter’s pride and say I did not copy anything. ^^v

I am not sure if you or others relate to what I am saying. I am not even sure if I am able to send my message across, blame it on langugage barrier hahaha. But I do hope you do not feel that I am just being petty. Do you?


Well, share me your thoughts! 🙂


Nevertheless, this project has made me really happy! So happy that I am making lots of these felt flowers again, in different color schemes. I promise I’ll take better pictures and post them here. Please keep tuned in just as patiently as you read this lengthy post.


If you reached up until here, I thank you!


To God be the glory!