Almost Summer

It’s almost summer! Yey!

And last weekend, I tried doing something for the first time – wear a non-shorts swimsuit! In public! And I took photos too!

Actually aside from being conservative, I have always been embarrassed to show my ‘imperfect’ skin and shape. I wouldn’t want to be center of people’s ire as they see me with walking or running around with jiggling fats. Hahaha.

But hubby and that recent Sports Illustrated ad circulating the net taught me to be confident and love my body – fats and stretch marks included. 😊

As hubby would always say, this is the body that bore us our beautiful Dana, and he will always find every bit of it sexy and beautiful. 😊

So yeah. Here I was that day. 😛



Thank God for hubby who thinks and feels that way. 😉

Weekend Flash

Tell me, where did the weekend go? Everything happened so fast, it’s still a blur to me. Just like that yellow and red superhero we all love, the weekend went by in a flash.

But it did happen. And we had fun.

So here’s our weekend with family and friends in a series of pictures.

1. Grands Day-out

Hubby went with my in-laws to visit our ninong Val yesterday. It was nice to really see him better now. Afterward, we met up with them for a stroll around Greenhills. 🙂


2. Maria Olivia’s Christening

Today we celebrated the Christening of Liv, the daughter of hubby’s best friend from college. It was a short but sweet reunion. Liv was so pretty and well-behaved. Even Dana loved her so much she wanted to take the baby home. Guess somebody wants to be an ate already. Ready na Daddy-mer?


3. A meeting with mommy Alen.

A quick meeting with one of my good friends from college, Alen. She’s actually one of my first friends in PLM. We were seatmates in some classes back then. And it’s nice to have remained friends with her until now. Though we seldom see each other in person, she’s always just a Viber away. She’s one of my go-to personsp on mommyhood and health and beauty topics… And now she’s a craftsy friend too! 😘


4. My Ex and Whys

And lastly, a movie date with the fambam!


Whew! What a hectic weekend that was. And now, I am sooo sleepy. But before I leave, here’s my mandatory selfie (you’re all used to by now), and an OOTD as an added bonus. Hahaha. Vanity at its highest level. Joke! Pagbigyan na, masaya lang talaga ako at nakapag-off shoulder ako ngayon! 😂


The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege.” – Charles Kuralt


To God be the glory!

To the Hopeless Romantic and Simply Hopeless

Of course she wants flowers, even if they will dry and die over time.

Of course she wants chocolates, even if they will only make her fat.

Of course she wants to go to the movies, to snuggle with you in the dark.

Of course she wants to date you, even for just a little while.

You didn’t even have to ask.

You shouldn’t even ask.

Because she loves you, doesn’t she?

It’s the thought of you thinking of her that makes her heart flutter.
And to her, these little things are are not so little.
For her, these are the big things! A treasure of her lifetime!

So thank you, for giving her all these even though she said she didn’t want to, but simply because you wanted to.

So thank you, for doing all these for her and more.

So thank you, for letting her treasure you for life.

And thank you, for treasuring her for your lifetime.
And to those who chose to celebrate this day, may you celebrate it with a love that’s pure. And to those who couldn’t, or simply didn’t, may you find, if not already celebrate, the love of your lifetime. Tomorrow, the day after, until forever.


Yes, may forever nga eh. Hindi man dito sa lupa, kay Lord! 😉


In all seriousness. If you haven’t found love yet, don’t be in a hurry. God has something good planned for you. But you first gotta seek Him, the author of One Great Love, so He can in His perfect will and timing, give you your own true love. Psalm 37:4 says, “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
And before I go, let me share this with you —


A paper and felt bouquet I made. A first time for me. And I loved the simple yet pretty outcome.

To God be the glory!


And now, Glasses

I finally heard something I’ve been dreading for the past years — eye glasses.

At 33, I am really proud of my eyesight. I am confident that I’ve still got 20-20 vision despite my constant exposure with laptops and gadgets given my line of work. I never dreamed of wearing eyeglasses because they won’t look good on me. And it’s too complicated. High-maintenance. Hahaha.

But since December my left eye has been twitching, that even as I close my eyes to sleep at night, the spasm continues. I’m actually having them now……

And just last week, I observed that my eyes would start to hurt in the afternoon, making me feel nauseous, and on 3 occasions, actually vomit.

So I finally went to an ophthalmologist last Monday who confirmed my worry — I needed to wear eyeglasses. Though my vision is still okay, my prolonged exposure to a computer screen at work is causing me eye strain. As per my doctor, 4 hours should be the daily max exposure, but it couldn’t be helped because of my work, so the best I could do is give my eyes some rest from time to time, and some protection.

So for the next 2 weeks, I’ll be taking meds to keep my eyes hydrated and to relax my nerves. But I may have to use anti-fatigue glasses for as long as I am working. Boo-hoo.

The funny thing is, out of all the styles on the optical shop I went to, only 2 glasses complemented face. Or my nose. As expected. And I got the cheaper one of course. As expected again. 


Geeky! Now I really look like I work for an IT company! Tee-hee-hee.

Thank God hubby is supportive as always!

So to the kids and all of you out there, take good care of your eyes.

Some tips I googled:

  1. Have a comprehensive dilated eye exam.
  2. Know your family’s eye health history.
  3. Eat right to protect your sight.
  4. Maintain a healthy weight.
  5. Wear protective eyewear.
  6. Quit smoking or never start.
  7. Be cool and wear your shades.
  8. Give your eyes a rest.
  9. Clean your hands and your contact lenses properly.
  10. Practice workplace eye safety.



P.S. Funny how today’s daily prompt is about hearing yet here I am posting about glasses and eyes. Well, let it be! Hahaha. ^^v

Giant Paper Flower Workshop

I am trembling with excitement! As with my past first workshops, I am venturing again on another first — my first Giant Paper Flower workshop! Yey!


I really have mixed feelings about this – lots of joy, a bit of worry, plenty of hope and full of excitement!

And I do pray that there will be a good number of participants joining.  So if you are in the area and you are interested to join, contact Pinky!

That’s all for tonight. My eyes are already trembling with sleepyness haha.

Please like and share this post. And join our workshop too!


To God be the glory!

Spiral Bouquet

There is an endless world to crafting. One can craft all day and all night and still have a million other things to do. Especially now that everything seems available over the internet, how does one decide which to and which not to craft?

My answer?

Don’t choose. Just do it all! Or at least try it all. 😋

And I’m sure among the many things you make, there are those that you’ll fall in love with. A craft that you will want to focus on. A craft that you will do all over again.

In my case, I love almost anything paper, felt or fabric. Yeah, yeah. Still vast, I know.

But if I may narrow things down, I love flowers and owls!

Just like this one.


I have always wanted to make a spiral bouquet ever since I received one from mommy Editte. I was never confident I’d do a good job at it, but I tried anyway. And I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.W ell I could. And I did. Hahaha.

Sabi ko nga kay Meeya, eh kasi yung order nya, nanganganak!

For a time, I loved making these spiral bouquets I felt really blessed for opportunities that came then. I actually had the honor of making more of these topiaries to give to 3 inspiring and empowered women from our company:


Ayiiii! Now I wanna create more. But first, I need to ‘create time.’ Hahaha. If you know how to craft time, lemme know, will you?! 😂

Kidding aside, I hope you enjoyed this post.


To God be the glory!

#OOTD: Jumper Twinning

One of the perks of having a daughter? You can doll them up!

Taking it up a notch higher? Twinning!

I suppose I am going through a second childhood here, but I couldn’t resist owning a jumper since Dana had one.

And so finally today, I dressed up like her. And we had fun with this small photoshoot.


Can you now see recognize our resemblance? Well it doesn’t really matter whether she looks like me or her dad. Though I’d love it if she takes after her good-looking dad. But let me just say, I love this little girl so much. I love my family!


To God be the glory!

2016 Craft Swap

On a whim, I was invited.

On a whim, I said yes.

On a whim, I joined a Craft Swap.

And the experience has been overwhelming.

This happened last August-October 2016. I, together with 21 other crafters, participated in a Craft Swap just in time for Christmas.

We were asked to create two items each: (1) an item made of at least 5 popsicle sticks and 5 buttons, and (2) a Christmas ornament.

And here’s what Eclations made:


1. Love Christmas Wreath – made of green paper twine twisted into a circle to form the wreath, decorated with red rose and leaves and several buttons and gems.

2.Hang-It Popsie Decor – made of several popsicle sticks tied together to form a mini-blinds; decorated with a sentiment cut usting Silhouette Cameo 2, several buttons and gems.

I was really happy to receive positive feedback on these. But I was happier and more overwhelmed with the creativity of the other crafters who joined.

Here are photos of what the other crafters made:

Unfortunately I am unable to put links here at this time, marami kasi, but you can search the crafters’ names in Facebook and you can reach out to them if you find their works interesting. Some of them have their own fb pages and online business as well. 🙂

Dana especially loved the Christmas ornaments and hang them on our Christmas tree! It is such a joy and blessing to know you are surrounded by wonderful people who share your passion!

I really wish I had more time to create more and better items. I wanted to create something extra to give away but I didn’t make it to shipping cutoff.  I will just do better next time. 😉

Yes, I’ll definitely join again this year!

To God be the glory!