DIY Paper Rosette

I love paper rosettes! They’re quick and easy to make yet would make pretty awesome decors. So when a friend asked my help to prepare for a bridal shower, rushed, I thought of paper rosettes as my go-to decor right away.

And they did not disappoint! They turned out pretty well considering it only took us around 4 hours to make – my mom did the most part. She cut and folded the paper strips, roughly 3 hours, since I had a really busy work week, while I only used an hour of my Saturday to assemble them and add some accents.





I didn’t have a particular theme or motif in mind for this one. I just wanted to use the existing paper I already have. And I am really happy they turned out nice. And blended well with my artificial bouquet project too!


And the bride-to-be and her friends were happy with the outcome as well. 🙂



So if you want to try making your own paper rosettes, they’re pretty easy. You can watch my video tutorial here:

I also created the sash and the banner but I’m still thinking if I’d make another tutorial on them. 😛


For now, please let me know what you think of this tutorial. Do you think I should make more DIY videos? 🙂 I really want to give more time on improving my blog content and create more youtube videos but I need someone to take me in as an apprentice. Anyone? I promise I’ll be a good pupil. *Bats eyelashes* Hahaha.


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To God be the glory! 🙂

2 Replies to “DIY Paper Rosette”

  1. Super thank you for making the rosettes backdrop, sash, and beautiful flower bouquets for my friend’s bridal shower! I messaged you just 4 days before the event as I didn’t had time to prepare but you didn’t hesitate to help me out and came up with great ideas in an instant! It turned out to be so creative and stylish! My co- bridesmaids, friends, and the bride loves it!!!
    The DIY video is a great way to teach us too! How about the artificial bouquet arrangements? Yey!

    1. You are very welcome dear! So glad your friends liked our preps! 🙂 Yes, I might just do a quick tutorial on thr bouquet haha. 😉 Til our next project! God bless!

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