Fight with Us

Over the past few days I have been posting about a case our family is battling — my nephew’s fight with hemophilia. Our family has been one in fighting this battle with him over the past 13 years. Unfortunately, we have reached a point where the situation is no longer manageable alone. And so, we are requesting for your support and prayers to avoid this situation from becoming more disastrous than it already is.


You can learn more about his case here:


We thank you in advance for you support and prayers. You are not only helping us overcome this financial hurdle, but you are also helping our family give my nephew a better shot at life, an opportunity to enjoy more, and a hope for a future with lesser worries and fears.


Thank you and may God bless us all!

DIY Ribbon Topiary Tutorial

This week has been extremely challenging for us. My nephew is still confined in the hospital. And we continue to pray that the Factor VIII works on his blood soon. Medical and hospitalization expenses have been growing and we continue to do all we can to manage it. Donation campaigns and fund raising activities are on the works, one of which is my upcoming handmade sale, which I mentioned on my post earlier. I’ll be selling ribbon topiaries among others:


I also shared my ribbon topiary with my craft group and it is the first time I got more than 300 likes! Woo-hoo! Hahaha. And so to savor this positive thing amdist this challenging time, I am sharing this video tutorial to give back the encouragement I and my family have been getting lately. 🙂



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But above all else, please continue to pray with us — for the healing and recovery of Edj, and for God’s provision as well.


Luke 1:37 says, “For with God, nothing shall be impossible.”


And we believe just that. 🙂

A Continuous Battle

Last year, I posted about a campaign for my nephew who’s Fighting Hemophilia. We’ve managed to raise around 70% of the funds we needed back then, thank God and all who donated and helped our family. But anyone familiar with the disease knows that it can be a life-long battle, or a battle for life.


Last Saturday my nephew was eating chips when a portion of the chips cut his gums which started bleeding. After that and almost a week after, his gums are still bleeding and his cough has only aggravated his condition, causing him to now vomit blood as well. We have taken him in and out of the hospital over the past few days for checkups and today, we had to leave him confined in the hospital.


This afternoon our family had one of the scariest experiences ever — when he, after vomiting fresh blood, passed out and a “code blue” was almost called as we bumbled in panic, not knowing what to do. Thank God, my nephew eventually regained consciousness but he is still under close observation, and we continue to pray that his bleeding stops soon, and that he gains complete healing and recovery.


Our whole family is working together to support each other and Edj through this time. His parents, and my sister and I are chipping in for his medical and hospitalization expenses. Since he will be staying in the hospital for more days, we are expecting the bills to shoot up again, and we are doing what we can to keep things manageable.


And so for tonight and on the upcoming nights, I have started and will continue to create topiaries, softies and other things I can sell. I have started reaching out to local craft groups/pages who can help me on this as well.




So please stay tuned and support us here. But most importantly, please pray for my nephew’s healing, and for my family’s strength.


God is good and faithful!

22 Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
    for his compassions never fail.
23 They are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.

~ Lamentations 3:22-23 (NIV)

Almost Summer

It’s almost summer! Yey!

And last weekend, I tried doing something for the first time – wear a non-shorts swimsuit! In public! And I took photos too!

Actually aside from being conservative, I have always been embarrassed to show my ‘imperfect’ skin and shape. I wouldn’t want to be center of people’s ire as they see me with walking or running around with jiggling fats. Hahaha.

But hubby and that recent Sports Illustrated ad circulating the net taught me to be confident and love my body – fats and stretch marks included. 😊

As hubby would always say, this is the body that bore us our beautiful Dana, and he will always find every bit of it sexy and beautiful. 😊

So yeah. Here I was that day. 😛



Thank God for hubby who thinks and feels that way. 😉

Weekend Flash

Tell me, where did the weekend go? Everything happened so fast, it’s still a blur to me. Just like that yellow and red superhero we all love, the weekend went by in a flash.

But it did happen. And we had fun.

So here’s our weekend with family and friends in a series of pictures.

1. Grands Day-out

Hubby went with my in-laws to visit our ninong Val yesterday. It was nice to really see him better now. Afterward, we met up with them for a stroll around Greenhills. 🙂


2. Maria Olivia’s Christening

Today we celebrated the Christening of Liv, the daughter of hubby’s best friend from college. It was a short but sweet reunion. Liv was so pretty and well-behaved. Even Dana loved her so much she wanted to take the baby home. Guess somebody wants to be an ate already. Ready na Daddy-mer?


3. A meeting with mommy Alen.

A quick meeting with one of my good friends from college, Alen. She’s actually one of my first friends in PLM. We were seatmates in some classes back then. And it’s nice to have remained friends with her until now. Though we seldom see each other in person, she’s always just a Viber away. She’s one of my go-to personsp on mommyhood and health and beauty topics… And now she’s a craftsy friend too! 😘


4. My Ex and Whys

And lastly, a movie date with the fambam!


Whew! What a hectic weekend that was. And now, I am sooo sleepy. But before I leave, here’s my mandatory selfie (you’re all used to by now), and an OOTD as an added bonus. Hahaha. Vanity at its highest level. Joke! Pagbigyan na, masaya lang talaga ako at nakapag-off shoulder ako ngayon! 😂


The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege.” – Charles Kuralt


To God be the glory!

#OOTD: Jumper Twinning

One of the perks of having a daughter? You can doll them up!

Taking it up a notch higher? Twinning!

I suppose I am going through a second childhood here, but I couldn’t resist owning a jumper since Dana had one.

And so finally today, I dressed up like her. And we had fun with this small photoshoot.


Can you now see recognize our resemblance? Well it doesn’t really matter whether she looks like me or her dad. Though I’d love it if she takes after her good-looking dad. But let me just say, I love this little girl so much. I love my family!


To God be the glory!

33 and Changing

I’ll tell you a secret. I had this post in draft since yesterday but was waiting for the next daily prompt so I can link to it. But the prompt yesterday was yellow which doesn’t fit my post (Although I really do love the color yellow… It’s so energetic and happy. Like the sun!  Ahehe.) so I had to wait another day for a new prompt, but the replacement still does not fit. So I decided, I’ll just post this way anyway. Hahaha.


Okay, now that that’s out of the way, here’s another vain post. Brace yourselves! Hahaha.

Actually, I’ve never been the type to be vain. I don’t use makeup. I don’t know how to. I grew up knowing I was ‘darn ugly I’d be an old maid’. But I was okay with that. I’ve accepted it as a ‘fact’ since grade school. (Pikon kasi ako nung bata ako so I actually believed yung mga pang-aasar sa akin. You know how kids are, and how naive or gullible I can be. Haha.) I didn’t bother exerting effort to ‘pretty-fy’ myself. Afterall, it can be very costly and I didn’t have the money to spare. Haha.

But what do you know?! I actually got married! Guess looks aren’t all that matter in love and life ei?!

And as if I’ve hit the jackpot (joke; blessed lang po talaga ako. Mabait si Lord.), this hubby never fails to tell me that I am pretty, EVERYDAY (Minsan nga nakakasawa na marinig. Char!), that I am still the prettiest for him and even when I feel fat or ugly, he doesn’t mind, he even finds it cute when I’m being like that. And to top it all, he thinks my character is one of a kind, perfectly matchy-matchy with his, and that’s what makes me even more pretty in his sight. Ayiii… Paki-iwasan ng onti ang hair ko, baka kayo mapatid.

Seriously though, I have never really bothered dolling myself up on a regular basis. We have special occasions for that. Like weddings! Aha!

But I had a few realizations last year that made me revisit my view on this whole vanity thing, as part of my new year’s resolution:

1. Workshops

I conducted a felt flower workshop with a group of really pretty girls last November and I realized I looked too simple I’d pass for their yaya. Seriously! I didn’t think just going out to stuff like worshops meant you needed to look your best, but they did for me. And I didn’t for them. So I figured next time, I need to make sure I come to workshops presentable and confident! I need to be as pretty as the flowers I am teaching my participants to make. Maglagay na rin kaya ako ng flower sa ulo? Hehe.


2. Hubby

Hubby… Is not the most pogi guy in the world (though for me he is… Sorry Dy, parang ilalaglag ata kita rito.) BUT!!! Hubby is really fashionable, EFFORTLESSLY fashionable!

I dunno how he does it, but he always manages to look good with anything he wears. Charisma or sex appeal perhaps? Mysterious… Hahaha.

He isn’t the one to follow fads, actually mas madalas nauuna pa sya. Often, he’d wear or sport something even before it became the ‘in thing’ – skinny pants, printed socks, bomber or jean jackets, you name it, he rocked it first.

I’ve been telling him to be a fashion or ootd blogger since I think that’s not a common male thingie here and he might make good money *ka-ching*, but he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t believe he looks good or fashionable enough for that. 😛

Nevertheless, hubby never bothered pushing me to change my own sense of style. Afterall for him, ang ganda ganda ko na diba? Ahahaha. As long as I am comfy daw, walang need baguhin sa akin. 😉 It would even be a waste to ask him how I looked for the day, he’d say I’m pretty anyway. Sorry na… Cheesy na… Sabi sa inyo blessed ako eh… Buti na lang malabo mata ni hubby. Hahaha.

But seriously, if he is pioneering in the ‘fashion’ and ‘looking good’ scene, I think it’d be a shame not to follow in his footsteps, right? Tee-hee-hee. 😛

3. Work

Since I moved into a new team lately, a new friend and colleague was too cute I couldn’t resist her persistence to let me try some things out, like lipstick. She said we needed it for work. We need to either be aggressive or charming enough. She would say, “buti ka nga effortlessly maganda ka, hindi ka lang nag-aayos. Hindi mo nga kailangan mag-ayos, kailangan mo lang maglipstick kasi maputla ka.”

And that really flattered me. I never looked at it that way. I used to really think it would take sooo much effort to make me look good, I’d be too lazy or kuripot about it. Hehe.

But eventually I bought some lipsticks and we would viber lippie photos to each other. Thank God for girl friends!

Aurora is love!


4. Age and Skin Care

I personally like using an ordinary bath (bar) soap for my face — cheap and dries my skin, thus, I avoid pimple breakouts.

I don’t like using Sunscreen — I tried it before but I didn’t like the hot sticky feeling it left on my face. I don’t even like using an umbrella on a hot day.

I don’t like having my hair treated. Again, costly.

I don’t like those creams and stuff you see in commercials to put on one’s face.

Basically, I don’t like a lot of things that cost me time, effort and money.

But after turning 33 last November, I began to realize that aging is inevitable. I used to ask my hubby, “eh pano yan dy, pag matanda na ako, edi kulubot na mukha ko, love mo pa rin ako?” And he’d answer, “edi matanda na rin ako nun! Wala naman masama run. Baka mauna pa nga akong tumanda’t pumangit sa’yo. Eh hindi ka naman tumatanda. At kahit pa, at least we’ll grow old together.”


Too sweet, yes. But reality is reality.

Eventually I’ll be 40, 50, 60 and so forth. I will have wrinkles. My skin will sag. It can’t be helped but it can be slowed down, or minimized. We can age gracefully. And we have to start now.

So I’ve asked a couple of my pretty mommy friends (special shoutout to Belle of OneAwesomeMomma and Alen of AlenSnaps) about make-up tips and they were kind and supportive enough to tell me that I didn’t have to wear make up if I am not used to. Instead, I should focus on a daily Skin Care regimen – facial wash, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen and stuff. And if your skin or face looks and feels good enough, you won’t need makeup. You only need a bit of sunscreen, BB cream if you must, and lipstick for that needed pop of color.

Just like these…


Again, thank God for girl friends, right!? 



And so after all these considerations and realizations, I’ve started improving the way I look and the way I dress. The compliments have really been flattering, though it gets awkward sometimes. Everyone, as in literally everyone, seems surprised yet happy with this change, I’d ask my hubby, “ganun ba ko talaga ka-dugyot dati?!” Perhaps.


I dunno how long I can keep this up. I am still lazy about this whole thing. Really not in my character, sorry. But I hope I can do this long enough to be an innate habit.

But yes people, nagsusuklay at naglilipstick na po ako ngayon! 😀

Cupcake, anyone?


They say being beautiful has nothing to do with looks. It’s about how you are as a person and how you make others feel about themselves. True beauty is what lies on the inside.

And I still believe that too.

But they also say being beautiful is being the best version of yourself inside… And out. Ohah!?

I often ask hubby if I am being too vain lately. This is still new to me and it can get uncomfortable. But he’d often reassure me that I am not being vain, I am just being ‘normal’. And it’s about time I be normal. That he can’t believe it took 33 years before I finally did stuff lile this. Haha. Then he’d remind me that it will always be okay to do this kind of stuff, especially since I’m a girl, for as long as I do it for myself and I am happy with it.

But knowing me, I’d be too lazy to do this for myself.  I know I love doing it ‘coz I am doing it for them — I now think that hubby deserves to have me look my best when I am presented to his family and friends. I now think that Dana deserves to have me look my best when I meet her teachers and other mommies in school. I now think that my work colleauges, friends and workshop students deserve to have me look my best when I am working or hanging out with them.

And I believe, even God loves seeing me take care of myself for a change… Afterall, we need to be reflections of God’s beauty and wonderful creation.

We are God’s masterpiece. Look like one. Be one. Inside and out.

By God’s miracles, grace and favor… Siempre!



To the awesome and beautiful God be the glory! 🙂


A friend earlier told me I am photogenic. Well in today’s world of beauty filters, who isn’t? 😋

And I am not offended with that. I’m quite flattered actually. And I’m okay with using Beauty Filters. Not because I am conscious of how I look, but exactly because I don’t care about how I look. Haha. Seriously, it’s an automatic setting on my camera phone which I don’t bother removing or adjusting. For someone who works in an IT industry, I don’t like fiddling with such things. And for someone who calls herself a crafter, I am not really good with photography. So I just snap photos. From anywhere. Anyhow. Haha.

But yeah, admittedly, I do look good through the lenses today’s camera phone and I know a lot of people are fond of their own phones and selfies as well. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a default feature, right? It may have been a big deal to many, but not to me.

Eitherway — since we’re already on the topic…

Here’s my ‘I woke up like this’ with nofilter-filter look:

Collage 2017-01-27 08_52_36.jpg

And here’s my ‘ready for work’ with nofilter-filter look:

Collage 2017-01-27 08_49_18.jpg

So when they say I look good in photos lately, I’d say, “Thanks! Sa filter lang yan!”

And as they say, it doesn’t matter as long as you know you’re not doing anything wrong to anybody and as long as you are comfortable with yourself and the things that you do. It is another story if you do things only because you are after what people think, and worse is when you do things like use filters because you are not comfortable with yourself. So if you are fond of hashtagging your photos with filters or nofilters to prove a point, or to compare yourself with others, or worse, to mock others, better check yourself. Afterall, your photos on social media do not really matter to people who really know you and value you for your true worth. 😉

Just how my ever supportive and loving hubby would always tell me, wala naman masyado pinagkaiba mi! Maganda ka pa rin.


Ang haba ng hair ko diba?! 

Though I have been going through changes around this whole health and beauty thing lately (more on this on my next post), I see to it that I am and stay happy with myself.

At the end of the day, we are God’s creation We are His children created on His likeness. We are meant to be beautiful. And what matters most to Him is what’s on the inside. God looks at the heart.


So before we become too concsious with selfie filters or no filters. Let us be consious that our character is above-all, filtered and free from the bad. 😉


I think, I like bubbles as much as my daughter does! Well who doesn’t right? They are so fun to watch as they float, aimlessly, randomly through the air. We especially like catching the big ones as if we’d actually get to hold them. Then they pop. So we just have to blow new ones again.

And since I like bubbles so much, I was happy I chanced upon a video editing app which allowed me to create a quick video clip for my father-in-law’s birthday:

Too bad I can’t upload videos yet. So I’m embedding photos instead. Screenshots c/o Kuvi video editing app. Ü

Do you like bubbles too? I hope you do. Coz if you don’t, then you better get out there and play with some yourself. I’m pretty sure you’d find them really pretty. 🙂



To God be the glory!

Christmas Cookies

We were already crossing over to the new year when we realized we still haven’t decided on what to give our colleagues as Christmas gifts.

So in a whim, I bought stuff for my female friends with thoughts of adding something personalized. However, until now I still haven’t had the time to do that yet. So I’ll probably give them next week as a New Year’s gift. Sheeesh I am always delayed with a lot of stuff. I think I need to make this my new year’s resolution. Hehe.

Good thing for hubby though, deciding was too easy. We simply bought cookies!

We repacked them, added stickers and butterflies and so ta-dah!


Too bad I failed to take any more decent pictures. But that’s okay. I am happy that his female colleagues especially liked (and preserved) the butterflies! *Fist pumps*


I’ll post about my own gifts next week. Stay tuned! 😉


To God be the glory!