Throwback: Dana Cosplays

Last October 2016, we had a cosplay event at work. Employees and their kids were asked to come in Anime costumes and have fun with the program and treats prepared by the generous people from the company.

Of course, I signed up my daughter to the event. I had a lot of ideas in mind for her costume, especially something Card Captor Sakura… but then I received a notice from the company that we did not make it to the cut. So there, my world crumbled down to pieces. Haha. Kidding. But needless to say, I stopped making all efforts at making her a costume since we wouldn’t be going to the event anyway.

HOWEVER!!! 3 DAYS before the event, my former manager informed me to ignore the decline notice since they reserved special slots for us, and so the event continues and so does the excitement. But my world crumbled the second time after realizing we were only 3 days from the event but I didn’t have anything prepared yet.

So in a rush, I had to come up with something. I wanted it to be unique. It doesn’t matter if only a few recognizes it. I decided, I wanted to make her Mikasa from the Anime Attack on Titan.

So with little budget and little time on hand, I DIY’ed her costume and here’s how she looked.


Pretty fun ei? I dunno about you but I really loved it. Sure it looked really handmade, but I guess my daughter can rock anything she wears! (Haha, yeah, ako na ang number 1 fan ng anak ko.) But really… isn’t she lovely? cute? charming? cool?

And to top it all, I was really happy that she liked her costume and she went to the event with me, “in character!”

So that’s it for now. Please let me know what you think!


To God be the glory!

Recycled Materials Costume

Last month, my daughter’s Kindergarten celebrated Science Week. There were lots of activities I’m sure the kids and adults enjoyed. And to cap the week of exciting science games and activities, the children were asked to come in costumes made out of recycled materials. This got me excited, being the crafty mom that I am, but I was crunched for time given that I had to juggle things with work; unlike last year when I was on medical leave, which gave me more time to relax and also spend with and for my daughter.


But… a mother’s gotta do what a mother’s gotta do.


I initially wanted to make her a wedding dress, made of recycled sack and lots of sandwich bags and plastics, but we couldn’t find sacks or katya anywhere.


The next best thing? Newspaper or Magazines.


So we bought just that and in just 1 hour, while watching GoT with hubby (yes, I tend to multi-task most of the time),  and half of a fashion magazine, I ended up with this:



Pretty simple. No, a lot simpler than what I really had in mind. But I am glad she had fun wearing it just the same.


So imagine my surprise when she came home with this:



I dunno how it happened, so don’t ask me. I know it was probably not because of the beauty of the dress but with how my lovely little lady carried [wore] it. And that makes this mama even more really proud!


My only regret is that I couldn’t be there to see her win myself. Still, I was sooooo happy and proud I had to post photos and send pics of my daughter to family and friends that night.


Fast forward to today, as I look at my daughter as she sleeps, I thank God for allowing me to be a mother to this little girl. And I pray that someday, I can be there more for her, in every aspect of her life, the highs and the lows. And as I do my best doing whatever I gotta do to reach that someday, I pray to the Lord to continue and always be there for her, especially during those times when I physically can’t.


But this mama is not giving up. I know we will all reach our dreams someday. Well, never did I imagine we’d win an award in school for this but we did, didn’t we? So everything, with hardwork, prayers, love and dedication, is and will always be within reach.


To God be the glory! 🙂

The Owl and the Pussycat

Or should I say… the Owls and the Pussycat!


I have been working with my mom, on late nights, to mass produce wrist rests and softies for a “Sale for a Cause” I am planning to launch this August. Part of the proceeds will be donated to aid my nephew who continues to battle Hemophilia. But before we could even get started, I received an order to make an owl and a cat wrist rest for the client to gift her mom and sister. Yey!

I was really happy that she took her time to go through my fb page and look at my sample photos. Unfortunately, the fabric print she initially liked was no longer available; but good thing Cotton Depot in Glorietta 5 had a similar one.

So I went ahead and made the ordered softies. But while I was making them, the poem The Owl and the Pussycat kept coming to mind. Was it because I liked the poem that much? Was it because of the poem that I even loved making owls and cats? Nah. It was most likely just a cute coincidence. But perhaps it was also because of a funny short film by Nestle Ph that was aired here back in 2011.

You may watch the video here:



The short film has a lot of funny things and jokes in it but it does have a moral lesson to it: to never give up and do your best at all times!


And that is what I hope to do for the next couple of weeks. To do my best! In making more Owls, Cats and other softies that will create smiles in others’ faces – to ours, to yours, to the clients’, and to my nephew’s.

I know I started making owls since 2009 and the cat wrist rests I’ve forgotten. But doesn’t really matter whether it is the poem or shortfilm that inspired me to making more Owls and Pussycats. I just love them and I know I will continue making more. And I hope you will love them too!


2016-08-09 22.12.57
The sexy owl and the ma-ekek owl. The client originally ordered the ma-ekek owl but I just had to make the sexy owl. Then she didn’t know which to choose so she bought both of them!
2016-08-09 22.13.28
The Owls and the Pussycat
2016-08-09 22.12.25
I was supposed to make a tag, but I ended up making a card instead. Happy birthday bunso (youngest)!


Won’t you? Would you? Just let me know and comment below!

P.S. I was supposed to launch the sale first week of August but since I myself is undergoing physical therapy, we had to slow down production for a bit. But do not be dismayed because the softies are definitely on their way! The sale will be launched locally here in the Philippines but if you are interested to get them internationally, feel free to email me at for more details.


Stay tuned!


In everything, give thanks! To God be the glory! 🙂

Carefree Isn't So Free Afterall

Who doesn’t want to live carefree? I guess none. Right? At one point or another, in one way or another, each of us do something within our power to live, “carefree”.


I look at my 4-year old daughter who lives carefree so I get to feel even just a tiny bit carefree myself.


My mom makes lots and lots of paper flowers to feel carefree.


My husband watches shoe reviews on youtube to feel carefree.


Normal people dance, eat, engage in sports, or even sleep in order to feel carefree, even if just for a time.


But sadly, carefree can be more expensive for others. There are those who simply can’t afford to live carefree.


Like my nephew who is Fighting Hemophilia. How can dancing at such a young “active” stage almost cost you your leg? How can coloring, writing, studying cause hemorrhage? How can, even just sleeping, cause hemorrhage and pain? How can normal things, out of nowhere, cause internal bleeding or sores on a little boy’s body? Seems unimaginable to normal people like us, but to kids like him, that is what normal looks like.


But we can help him have a better shot at living even just a tiny little bit carefree. Yes we can! So let’s help him, shall we?


Please head on over to our GoFundMe campaign and support, donate, PRAY, and campaign (share) with us!


Living a totally carefree life is hard for normal people like us, even harder for people like Edj. But it is possible. 😉


Thank you all and God bless!

Fighting Hemophilia

Here is a little break from crafting:

Support my nephew Edj’s battle against Hemophilia!

I am not the type of person who would normally do this, but as they say, people can do anything for family. This is something that’s really close to my heart so bear with me. Here goes..

My nephew, Edj, is now 12 years old. Life has not been easy for this kid, I assure you. But how this boy grew up strong and joyful is a marvel to me. It’s proof that God is there in every situation. It’s a proof of His love and grace, of His miracle.

Understanding that there are many hardships, sacrifices, and pain behind my nephew’s handsome face and dashing smile, I try my best to make him happy and comfortable as possible. But there are limits to what I can do and so now I’m turning to bigger hands for help: (a) the hands of good and compassionate people I believe still exist in this world and (b) the Big Hands of the Lord God Almighty who touches the hearts of those people – you and me both – and continues to miraculously heal our boy.

So I urge you, please head over to our GoFundMe campaign and know more about Edj and his condition (you’ll also see pictures of this handsome boy).

Your donations and PRAYERS are very much welcome. Even the simple gesture of sharing our campaign on your blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts will mean a lot to us and will be very much appreciated!

God bless you all and more! 🙂