#OOTD: Jumper Twinning

One of the perks of having a daughter? You can doll them up!

Taking it up a notch higher? Twinning!

I suppose I am going through a second childhood here, but I couldn’t resist owning a jumper since Dana had one.

And so finally today, I dressed up like her. And we had fun with this small photoshoot.


Can you now see recognize our resemblance? Well it doesn’t really matter whether she looks like me or her dad. Though I’d love it if she takes after her good-looking dad. But let me just say, I love this little girl so much. I love my family!


To God be the glory!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

The year 2016 has been very good to me. There were a lot of challenges and ‘downs’ but the ‘ups’ and blessings definitely outweighed the bad. I have, as always been, blessed with a loving family, beautiful daughter, inspiring (though at times stressful haha) craft projects, and miracles at work. What more could I ask for, right?

But really, there are more things I want and desire to do and I continue to pray to the Lord to make more of them happen this new year. Aren’t you just excited? I am!

‘Coz I know that the Lord has the best of plans for me and my family and I just can’t wait to see them unravel. So pray, anticipate, and watch with me! Will you?

In line with that… there are actually major changes I am planning to do with my blog.

Initially, I created this blog to focus on and showcase my craft projects. I wanted to make more photo/video tutorials. But as you may have noticed, updating the blog regularly has been a challenge for me. I was always conscious of what to post, how to post, how to take good photos, how to make interesting videos and stuff like that… to the point that I fail to post altogether. And I suppose I’ve been missing the whole point. This whole time!

So this year, things will change. I have decided, to let go! Let it go… Let it go… Can’t hold it back anymore… ^^v

I will no longer post just about crafting, but I will post just about anything! Anything I want to share about myself, my day, my daughter, my husband, my family, my work, my friends, my life, and still, my crafting projects of course.

For 2017 onwards, I’ve decided to just share whatever my heart wants to share with the world!!! Yeah the world! Haha.

So I hope you continue to support me, and visit my blog, read my updates, and share with me your life too.

Excited? I am!


From my family to yours… HAPPY NEW YEAR and cheers to an upcoming year of God’s faithfulness! Much love! xoxo


To God be the glory!

Recycled Materials Costume

Last month, my daughter’s Kindergarten celebrated Science Week. There were lots of activities I’m sure the kids and adults enjoyed. And to cap the week of exciting science games and activities, the children were asked to come in costumes made out of recycled materials. This got me excited, being the crafty mom that I am, but I was crunched for time given that I had to juggle things with work; unlike last year when I was on medical leave, which gave me more time to relax and also spend with and for my daughter.


But… a mother’s gotta do what a mother’s gotta do.


I initially wanted to make her a wedding dress, made of recycled sack and lots of sandwich bags and plastics, but we couldn’t find sacks or katya anywhere.


The next best thing? Newspaper or Magazines.


So we bought just that and in just 1 hour, while watching GoT with hubby (yes, I tend to multi-task most of the time),  and half of a fashion magazine, I ended up with this:



Pretty simple. No, a lot simpler than what I really had in mind. But I am glad she had fun wearing it just the same.


So imagine my surprise when she came home with this:



I dunno how it happened, so don’t ask me. I know it was probably not because of the beauty of the dress but with how my lovely little lady carried [wore] it. And that makes this mama even more really proud!


My only regret is that I couldn’t be there to see her win myself. Still, I was sooooo happy and proud I had to post photos and send pics of my daughter to family and friends that night.


Fast forward to today, as I look at my daughter as she sleeps, I thank God for allowing me to be a mother to this little girl. And I pray that someday, I can be there more for her, in every aspect of her life, the highs and the lows. And as I do my best doing whatever I gotta do to reach that someday, I pray to the Lord to continue and always be there for her, especially during those times when I physically can’t.


But this mama is not giving up. I know we will all reach our dreams someday. Well, never did I imagine we’d win an award in school for this but we did, didn’t we? So everything, with hardwork, prayers, love and dedication, is and will always be within reach.


To God be the glory! 🙂

Dana's Quiet Book

I have always wanted to make a quiet book. Ever since I had my daughter. She’s turning 4 this June and yet I still haven’t created a single page of that quiet book. Haha. Talk about the challenges of a working mom. But I am not fretting. In fact, I am very pleased and happy tonight because we finally got the Quiet Book I ordered from a very creative and lovely mom. And you know what? I am not the only one who’s happy tonight… 😉




Super thank you sis Che of 3C Creations for this really wonderful play/study-mate!

And to you guys/gals, do no worry. I still have my own unique ideas for a quiet book and I hope to make one at least before Christmas. Stay tuned for that!

That’s all for now. This happy nommy will play with one happy baby!


To God be the glory! 🙂

Coping. Recovering. Thankful.

Yes, I know. It’s been more than a month since I last posted something. And I’ve definitely broken my “once-a-week-post” promise. But you know what else is broken?

My heart.

Because exactly a month ago, my would-be-baby-#2 suddenly said goodbye. He was 11 weeks (in my tummy).

I really do not want to go into more details only that since then I have been on a period of rest and recovery. And I would like to say that I am better now.

It isn’t easy but it would have been worse if not for a lot of people and things so I just want to take this time to thank all of you.

  • Thank you to my loving and ever-supportive husband who has been there with me, there for me, cried with me, laughed with me, and is moving on with me.
  • Thank you to my darling little girl who made me stronger (since I had to be, otherwise I would have seen her cry and hurt as we are. :p)
  • Thank you to my family and friends who made me feel it’s okay not to be okay and who patiently waited until I get even just a little bit better.
  • Thank you to my work (yes, my work) which made me toughen up and accept that life goes on.
  • Thank you to eclations, for keeping me inspired. I was able to use part of this time to de-stress, to think of nothing at times and just let my hands and heart work with whatever creative thing that comes to mind. (Well, I did mostly paper flowers.) I was able to enjoy myself in a Craft Bazaar. And even now I am at times keeping myself busy with an upcoming Craft Workshop. Life is beautiful.
  • And most of all, I thank God for the strength, wisdom, comfort and love He has been continuously pouring over me, my home, and my family. I know that tough times in this world are inevitable but knowing that there is a God, my God, who is loving and might to save, just takes the fears, and tears away. I know there were a lot of revelations after that unfortunate event in my life, and I pray that may we continue to be strong and willing to be molded according to His will and for His glory.

So for tonight, I leave you with one of my favorite verses.


Thank You

And here’s praying and hoping for a more cheerful, positive note next time. And oh, expect more throwbacks!