The Owl and the Pussycat

Or should I say… the Owls and the Pussycat!


I have been working with my mom, on late nights, to mass produce wrist rests and softies for a “Sale for a Cause” I am planning to launch this August. Part of the proceeds will be donated to aid my nephew who continues to battle Hemophilia. But before we could even get started, I received an order to make an owl and a cat wrist rest for the client to gift her mom and sister. Yey!

I was really happy that she took her time to go through my fb page and look at my sample photos. Unfortunately, the fabric print she initially liked was no longer available; but good thing Cotton Depot in Glorietta 5 had a similar one.

So I went ahead and made the ordered softies. But while I was making them, the poem The Owl and the Pussycat kept coming to mind. Was it because I liked the poem that much? Was it because of the poem that I even loved making owls and cats? Nah. It was most likely just a cute coincidence. But perhaps it was also because of a funny short film by Nestle Ph that was aired here back in 2011.

You may watch the video here:



The short film has a lot of funny things and jokes in it but it does have a moral lesson to it: to never give up and do your best at all times!


And that is what I hope to do for the next couple of weeks. To do my best! In making more Owls, Cats and other softies that will create smiles in others’ faces – to ours, to yours, to the clients’, and to my nephew’s.

I know I started making owls since 2009 and the cat wrist rests I’ve forgotten. But doesn’t really matter whether it is the poem or shortfilm that inspired me to making more Owls and Pussycats. I just love them and I know I will continue making more. And I hope you will love them too!


2016-08-09 22.12.57
The sexy owl and the ma-ekek owl. The client originally ordered the ma-ekek owl but I just had to make the sexy owl. Then she didn’t know which to choose so she bought both of them!
2016-08-09 22.13.28
The Owls and the Pussycat
2016-08-09 22.12.25
I was supposed to make a tag, but I ended up making a card instead. Happy birthday bunso (youngest)!


Won’t you? Would you? Just let me know and comment below!

P.S. I was supposed to launch the sale first week of August but since I myself is undergoing physical therapy, we had to slow down production for a bit. But do not be dismayed because the softies are definitely on their way! The sale will be launched locally here in the Philippines but if you are interested to get them internationally, feel free to email me at for more details.


Stay tuned!


In everything, give thanks! To God be the glory! 🙂

Of Peonies, Felt and Supporting Pinoy Crafters

Don’t ask me why that is my title tonight. I just felt like it. Haha! Nah, just kidding!

Actually, I was really excited and happy when I received a request/order for paper flowers from a potential client a few weeks back. (Okay okay, it was from a couple of months ago). I just came from my felt flower workshop and I was in a state of asking myself  and wondering, “what’s next?”… so, potential clients are always welcome and very much a great encouragement to keep going! It was a request for 4 different-colored crepe or Japanese paper flowers, which I simply called peonies; and up for the challenge, I accepted the job.


A peg was given to me and I worked based on it though the outcome had, of course, my personal touch which deviated the end product a bit from the sample. Here’s a sample of my peonies.


But for some reason, on the day of delivery, I decided to lookup the origin of the peg and lo and behold, it was from another Pinay crafter whom I had the pleasure of meeting a few years back. I felt rather torn about it so I decided to ask the client if I can “not send” her the end product because I do not want to intentionally, nor unintentionally, copy or make something from another Pinoy crafter that is readily available here in the country. Thankfully, she understood and accepted my apology.


I was not really expecting her to take it very well. I was ready for the worst. But I had been blessed with a very nice client that she instead asked me to do another batch of flowers, made of felt this time, and whose peg we were sure didn’t come from here. And of course, I still had my personal touch in them.




I know having a craft business can be very tricky. With everything in the internet, with all the tutorials here and there, it is very hard to come up with something “original”. I for one, have had lots of ideas which I really thought I “invented” but a little search here and there will show that somehow or some way, someone somewhere has thought up a similar idea and made something that is not far from what I had in mind. Or I can sit down one day and make paper flowers out of my imagination and stock knowledge while you sit there in yout office during lunch break making paper flowers out of your own talent while another somewhere is teaching a paper flowers class with 6 or more people creating similar paper flowers; and I wouldn’t be surprised if and when we post them in fb and realize just how similar, if not the same, everybody’s work is. But that doesn’t stop us crafters from crafting, no? Because it is our passion. Our one true love, if I may exaggerate. You may hit bumps every now and then but it won’t stop you. You will and you will go ahead and make what your heart decided to make because until then, your creative itch will not make you sleep or rest or whatever. :p So as much as possible, we resort to just leaving our personal marks and touches that would make our handmade goodies “our own”.


Now having been “copied” before, and not wanting to be copied myself, though being an inspiration is great, I’ve long decided that I will not “deliberately” copy something that a fellow Pinoy crafter has made since I know how annoying and frustrating that can be, especially if it is for sale. But I do understand that there are some things that cannot be readily bought here, so that to me can be an exemption. But in some cases where an end product is seemingly like another’s, then I guess those are just “those that can’t be helped”, and as long as I know in my heart of hearts that I did not see that person’s work beforehad, I could stick to my crafter’s pride and say I did not copy anything. ^^v

I am not sure if you or others relate to what I am saying. I am not even sure if I am able to send my message across, blame it on langugage barrier hahaha. But I do hope you do not feel that I am just being petty. Do you?


Well, share me your thoughts! 🙂


Nevertheless, this project has made me really happy! So happy that I am making lots of these felt flowers again, in different color schemes. I promise I’ll take better pictures and post them here. Please keep tuned in just as patiently as you read this lengthy post.


If you reached up until here, I thank you!


To God be the glory!

My First Brand Totes

A quick post but a very loud shout out to Lovely’s Corner for these! 🙂 I am so in love with them!


You see… I have an upcoming Felt Flower Workshop at the Crafters Marketplace, Rustans Grocery, Edsa Shangri-La this Saturday. I have already ordered materials/felt this morning. I was getting excited but I also had to focus on my day job despite the sleep debt ill effects I am experiencing since yesterday. (Don’t get me wrong, I like my day job. Else I would have just slept all day. Haha.) Then these totes came and I was just thrilled to see my logo in them.

SimpleJoys. Let’s do this! I can do this! God is good! All is not lost. My time will come. God answers prayers!

Are what I think and feel whenever I see that brand stamped on my first ever set of totes! My logo. My brand. I never thought this would happen but it is happening… Oh and how I would love to use them for my workshop!

There are a lot of ideas running through my mind right now and I hope I get to do at least one of them before Saturday.

Even if not, I have decided to not feel bad. I will take this slow. One step at time. Because you see I realized, God makes things happen according to His will and in His perfect timing.

So yeah, I’ll continue to surrender, wait and see what unfolds before me — what He wants to happen, how He wants it to happen and when He wants it to happen.

Join me as I wait? I promise I’ll blog about it as it comes. So hit subscribe, like and share now!

To God be the glory! 🙂



Happy Mothers Day!

Yeah I know. My greeting is a week late but it’s better late than never. Afterall, we do not begin or end being a mother on the second Sunday of May. So why not celebrate every Sunday or better yet, everyday?!

But enough with the excuses. I really wish all moms and moms-at-heart a happy mothers day! I hope  you had a blast celebrating the day with your family! Coz I sure did!

And one of the highlights of my day was my flower exchange with a craft mom friend. She gave me this really lovely and pretty spiral flower topiary. I really really really like it! And even now, I smile whenever I look at it. As in!



And in return, I gave her a felt flower bouquet. I would like to think it is equally pretty, but even if it is not, I am blessed that my mommy friend still loved it!



And here are felt rose topiaries I sold for other moms. Except for the one in the middle which I previously made for my cousin who’s getting married soon. Have I mentioned that this cousin of mine is the most gorgeous person I have met? Again, as in!




Well then, that’s all for now. I will be off to mommy duties again.


To God be the glory! 🙂

Sy – Eumague Wedding



Don’t we just love weddings? And agree with me here, we love it more because of the many DIYs we can make!

Well last October 10, 2015, I was blessed enough to make a lot of things for my cousin-in-laws wedding — even more DIYs than my own wedding! It was challenging, there were a lot of lessons learned, I have had my regrets (and I promise to make it up next time, perhaps on their renewal of vows, or in their first child’s Christening or birthday…) but nevertheless it was as fun and fulfilling as I expected it to be! So once again, a shout of thanks to Tita Jam and Tito Enzo for entrusting these things to me! It was such a pleasure as much as it was an honor to me! God bless you both!

And so without further ado, let me give you a rundown of our handmade things for this beautiful wedding:

  1. Monogram – almost every wedding has one. But we decided to keep it simple and use simple fonts rather than handmade calligraphy.


2. Invitation Suite – I did several mock ups for the invitations but we decided on this format. 3-fold invitation with back-to-back prints. Everything is written within the invitation folds except for the mini-page where the Gift Registry tag was attached. I also did the Missalette  cover although there was a minor miscommunication on the paper we will be using but hey, it turned out just fine! 🙂

3. Giveaways – we had 2 types. I made the wine bottle label for the giveaways for principal sponsors. Then I made the stickers and tag for the Kisses which were given to guests in general.

3. Flower Girl Gown – I love this! As in! I’ve always wanted those princess tutu types you find all over the net but I was afraid purchasing them internationally would cost us greatly so we decided to make our own. And I had several trials as well, before we arrived with the design we liked.


4. The Flowers – the flowers! This is one area where I had the most regret. 🙁 It was because I lacked time and resources that I failed to make the flowers according to our agreement. I had to improvise and these are what I came up with. It was such a good thing that the bride was very understanding and loved the flowers just the same. But really, I promise to make it up next time!

The Bride


5. The Candy Bar – also one of my favorites though it was a simple setup of candies and sweets in shades of pink and choco.  A special shoutout to my hubby for helping make this a reality for me!

6. The AVPs – and of course, the AVPs. I made their flashback AVP and Pre-nup AVP which was played during the reception. Too bad I can’t upload the videos here (yeah, I’m still on a Free plan).

It was really fun! I wish I could do this again! But better! I thank God for the talent and grace He has given me And I thank God for the especially kind and wonderful couple who partnered with me on this. Really, so so so much thanks guys!

So what do you think? Do let me know your feedback.

Block Party Ph: Wanderlust 2016

I have always wanted to join the Block Party Ph at Ayala Alabang Village. And it finally happened last March 19, 2016! It was something I have planned a couple of months back. But then I had the miscarriage and was at a dilemma whether or not I could, or if I should, continue with it. But, I was just so happy I got a go signal from my doctor to participate. It was 10 days after I had a miscarriage, I had finally gotten out of bed rest, and my doctor recommended I do activities that relieve me of my stress and turmoil of emotions (ha!), but also with a stern reminder that I should not over-exert or tire myself.

Although I could not do the stuff I had planned on making for the event, I was really thankful my Mom was there to craft for me, to support me, to accompany me. My mommy sure can craft!

And so, let me share you our products and photos:

1. Felt Rose Topiary – something we love making in eclations. It can be a party or room decoration, a centerpiece, and now even has that owl clip embellishment which serves as a note/card/calendar/letter/whatever holder. 🙂 And oh, the mixed rose topiary was sold even before the bazaar so you won’t see it in succeeding pictures.

2. Owl Softies – Oh how I love owls! My mom kept asking me why I only make owls (and the wrist rests at #3) and not other animals, but I also do not know why, except that I just find owls so cute! Haha. Perhaps I should update my brand to Owlclations. These are in fact owls I have created for previous events. And thankfully, I’ve sold them all out that day to the lovely miss Champagne Morales.

I also plan to make more owls out of my stash of fabric at home so I can finally de-stash and de-clutter and just sell these products on future events. Please follow my FB page if you are interested to get one for yourself.


3. Cat and Bunny Wrist Rests – a product I started making for a colleague 2 Christmases ago. I have continued making them since I wanted to make something not only “cute” but functional as well. These actually come with what I call “pun tags” but I failed to take photos of the tags themselves. I will probably just make a separate post on that one. hihih.


4. Flower Topiaries – Yeah I know, you’ve seen these in #1. But take a look at this photo and notice the paper flower versions. Simpler but not less lovely, right?


4. Flower Magnets – yeah yeah, I know. Flowers again. and I suppose you noticed that these are same flowers that make up my topiary. But what can I do? These flowers are so cute I just love making them and I find may uses for them. In fact, I have attached 3 of these roses to one of my new shirts (perhaps I’ll make a post on this as well).

And if you are interested in making this flower, I do have a tutorial here. But I also plan on making another video tutorial specific to these refrigerator magnets so do wait for that. 😉



And except for the tags I failed to capture in photos, that was pretty much it. My condition prior to the event hampered me from delivering more, but I am happy I got to experience this fun bazaar. A shoutout to my lovely assistants who stayed with me throughout the day.


And also another shoutout to my bestfriend! I just have to say, this girl is God-sent. Every time she went to my area, I sold something! Guess her charm really draws people in. I should have her stay with me the whole day next time. :p


And of course, my daughter and husband also had lots of fun with the food and other activities in the area. Watching my daughter get creative and enjoy playing out doors was priceless!


So much thanks go out to the organizers and sponsors who made this happen!


To know more about what the Block Party events are all about, read here. (Note: Official Wanderlust photos taken from their FB page.)

And if you want to stay tuned for future Block Party gatherings, like and follow The Block Party on Facebook.

It was a blast! A fun and wonderful experience! We sure hope to see you there next time! 😉


To God be the Glory!


Jimeno – Soliman Wedding

Last February 20, 2016, two of my close friends tied the knot. And my family was blessed to be a part of their really beautiful wedding.

For starters, I had the honor and pleasure of creating their Wedding Invitation Suite, from the Save the Date bookmarks, Storybook Invitation, and Paper Fans.

Tristan+Lorraine On Site-0008

I really had fun doing this. There were a lot of “firsts” for me here. And the bride, Rhaine, was such a creative darling. She had a lot of ideas and I really enjoyed exchanging thoughts with her. The couple was very patient and understanding, accommodating and cooperative. I was in fact, offering to give part of my services to them for free (since I love them both) but they were really nice and professional to not allow me to. They really wanted to encourage me to pursue this creative hobby and turn it into a business (but yeah, all in God’s time). I’d say, if all clients were like them, working on a handmade and craft business would be a breeze. :p

And then of course, our Dana was one of their flower girls. Did I mention that the groom is my daughter’s godfather? Hihihi.

Tristan+Lorraine Dana

Yup, that’s our little darling right there. A little snob, isn’t she? Nah. That’s how she normally is when she gets shy in front of the camera.

So that’s pretty much it for tonight. I hope you had a great day today. I’ll share more of my projects soon.

But before I end this post, let me share you the couple’s SDE, which I did NOT make, but I really loved!


To God be the Glory!