2016 Craft Swap

On a whim, I was invited.

On a whim, I said yes.

On a whim, I joined a Craft Swap.

And the experience has been overwhelming.

This happened last August-October 2016. I, together with 21 other crafters, participated in a Craft Swap just in time for Christmas.

We were asked to create two items each: (1) an item made of at least 5 popsicle sticks and 5 buttons, and (2) a Christmas ornament.

And here’s what Eclations made:


1. Love Christmas Wreath – made of green paper twine twisted into a circle to form the wreath, decorated with red rose and leaves and several buttons and gems.

2.Hang-It Popsie Decor – made of several popsicle sticks tied together to form a mini-blinds; decorated with a sentiment cut usting Silhouette Cameo 2, several buttons and gems.

I was really happy to receive positive feedback on these. But I was happier and more overwhelmed with the creativity of the other crafters who joined.

Here are photos of what the other crafters made:

Unfortunately I am unable to put links here at this time, marami kasi, but you can search the crafters’ names in Facebook and you can reach out to them if you find their works interesting. Some of them have their own fb pages and online business as well. 🙂

Dana especially loved the Christmas ornaments and hang them on our Christmas tree! It is such a joy and blessing to know you are surrounded by wonderful people who share your passion!

I really wish I had more time to create more and better items. I wanted to create something extra to give away but I didn’t make it to shipping cutoff.  I will just do better next time. 😉

Yes, I’ll definitely join again this year!

To God be the glory!

Workshop 2: Felt Flowers

It’s February tomorrow and you know what that means… The scent of chocolates and flowers is in the air.

It’s the love month as the world calls it.

And for me, I also believe that love is a wonderful, sacred feeling. God intended for us to love one another, the way He loves us. As 1 John 4:19 says, “We love because He first loved us.” So tonight I pray that… may we love each other wholly and purely in the love of Christ! May we get to share wonderful, joyful moments with our loved ones in the fashion that God wants us to, not only on the so-called hearts’ day, but tonight, tomorrow and every day that follows! 🙂

Do not wait for Feb 14 or an occasion to buy your wife or mother flowers, chocolates or anything she loves. Do not wait for another day to tell her you love her. Do it now. Do it tomorrow. Do it for every day that follows.

And the same goes for him as well. 😉


And while we have been talking about flowers, why not make something yourself. Flowers that will never wilt. Though it can get dirty, so a little dustin’ and washin’ from time will have to do. Haha.


Just like what my lovely lady friends made with me last November during our private felt flower workshop session:



Each of us created our own version of flowers. Then we realized that somehow, all of these flowers would look good together. And so the photo op with the pretty, colorful bouquet begins…


Then we capped the night with a very tasty dinner at Eduardo’s Peri-Peri! It was my first time trying out their chicken and it tasted really great!


That was one fun workshop and I’d love to do it again and again. And again.


So if ever you and your friends want to have your own felt flower workshop with me, feel free to message me at www.facebook.com/eclations or eclations@yahoo.com

I’ll be waiting! 😉



To God be the glory! 🙂


The Best of 2016 on IG

It’s that time of the year where people look back into the past to relive or rediscover things. Sometimes we reminisce. Sometimes we find new revelations.

Tonight, I looked back on my best IG posts for 2016:


And you know what?!

I realized I hadly ever used it at all. 36 posts for the whole year? I really need to up my game in this world of social media. Haha!

So as part of my new year’s resolution, I will not only increase my blogposts, but I will also share more on IG. Haha. Yeah, let the world look more into the interior of my soul and get to know me better. I hope.

Nevertheless, I am rather happy with my best 9. And as expected, they are craft related. (Though the amigurumi owls were not made by me…) It was a fun (though a bit craftsy stressful) year for eclations. I am glad I got to experience a lot of new things. And I pray for newer and better things this year. God has great plans for me, I know! 😉


“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

– Philippians 1:6 ESV


To God be the glory!


How To: Corrugated Bookmarks


And since I think you are probably getting tired of my flashbacks from way way way back, here is the last of my 2013 throwbacks. Trivia: In my old blog, I actually used the term Perforated instead of Corrugated. My bad. Sorry. I was such a newbie back then. Though I still am a newbie on craft terms now. Haha. Hope you enjoy this anyway. 😉


Original Post Date: Sunday, July 14, 2013

So I went to this really pretty place called Sophie’s Mom and it got me so inspired I decided to create some bookmarks.

But to make not just an ordinary bookmark, I decided to use corrugated paper which I accentuated with buttons, felt and fabric tape.

I plan to enter this into the week’s CASology: NEON challenge but I am not sure if it is neon enough on the photos. But the green and yellow are in fact neon ‘in person’ so I’ll give it a try anyway. 🙂

Here are several bookmarks I created, hope it inspires you to create your own! 🙂


Did you notice that this one looks like a mouse or some tiny creature?
Simple steps to follow:
1. Cut out strips of corrugated paper, around 2 x 5 inches should be okay but you may adjust according to preference.
2. Decorate the corners or edges using decorative punchers.
3. Accentuate the bookmark with buttons, washi/fabric tape and other embellishments.
4. Punch a hole on top and tie your ribbon.
Pretty simple right? You can make your own versions too! Oh and I do hope you let me see them!
Enjoy! 🙂
To God be the Glory!

How To: Pic Message via MS Word

As you would expect, this is another throwback. But for now, other than this paragraph, I will repost everything as is. Hihihi. So here goes:

Original Post Date: October 13, 2013

So I was preparing some tokens for Pastors Day and I found this verse that would be lovely for our lady pastor at church: http://www.creationswap.com/artwork/11/8/31/14573/11831_14573_5.jpg, by Megan Watson of thefreshfridge.com.

I really wanted to use the same format for our head Pastor but I couldn’t find a similar artwork or picture message so I decided I would create one.

It was my first time creating a picture message like this, and though I kinda “patterned” it against the former, I am quite happy with the results! 🙂



I am surprised that it is pretty easy to make. I’m sure you can create your own as well.

Simple instructions:
1. Open Microsoft WORD and set the Page Background to your desired texture or color.
2. Input the desired text, for starters, use just one font and color.
3. Randomly choose which words to alter font and color, add in clip arts as desired.
4. Then use a snipping tool to capture the screen and save it in file photo format.

If you are well versed in using photo-editing softwares like Photoshop, I’m sure this will be even easier for you.

To God be the glory! Happy Sunday!

How To Video: Clover Headband

As promised, I begin today anew with my throwback posts. First stop, is a post I meant to share last March 16, 2016 in time for my inaanak’s birthday since she’s the very inspiration for this tutorial.

But as they say, it’s never too late. Or it’s better late than never so here it is. 🙂

I created this last March 2014. For what happens in March? It’s my dear Irish Freyja’s birthday! 🙂

And because her parents love clover so much, not to mention Irish is named, Irish, I decided to create a Clover Flower headband for her. (If that statement didn’t make any sense, lookup St. Patrick’s Day. ^^v)

And since this pretty easy to make, I created 2 more for my nieces, in pink, coz they like pink! 🙂

And I am very sure, you can make one too. So I am sharing another tutorial video for you.


But I have to say, sorry for the shaky video… I don’t have a good cam yet and I actually shot this video with my webcam strapped to my collar.

And when you do create one, please share them with me.
You may comment here or share your work on my FB page: www.facebook.com/Eclations

Until next time! 😉


To God be the Glory!

How To: Ribbon Headband

Has it been a week already? Missed me? Well, I missed you too! So here, let me share with you another throwback: DIY 10-minute Toddler Ribbon Headband

This is something I created back in 2014. It was raining here in Manila due to Typhoon Hagupit. Hubby didn’t want me to come to work any more to avoid getting stranded outside. So we opted to work from home.

Now when my afternoon meeting was finally over, I went for a quick break. I looked at my craft materials and thought, “I really miss crafting! Is there something I can quickly make while I am on break?”

And as a matter of fact, there is! And you can make one too!

Here’s what you will need:

A ribbon (in this case, 2″ wide beige organza ribbon ~20″ long)
– A garter or band (sized to my daughter’s little head)
– Needle and Thread
– Fabric Brad or Button
– Scissor



1. Sew a running stitch through one side of the ribbon from one end to the other, pulling along from time to time until you make a full circle. Depending on the length of your ribbon, you can make one or more layers.

2. Sew the center to secure your layers then adhere the fabric brad/button/gem. Depending on your material, you can sew this as well or you may adhere using glue gun.


3. Sew one end of the garter/band on top of the other to form your headband.
4. Sew your ribbon accent on top of the part where the ends of your garter meet. (Alternatively, you can adhere this using glue gun).
And there you have it. Pretty easy isn’t it? And pretty nice too! Depending on your sewing skills, you can make this project in less than 10 minutes.
And if you have time, you can make more.
Well that’s all for now. If you are able to make one yourself, do let me know. I would love to see your own headbands! 🙂
To God be the Glory! 🙂

How To: Flower Seal

Flowers! They look good on your garden, they look good on your hair, they look good on your dress. But do you know that they make good stationery accents or envelope seals too? So today let me show you just how to do that. 😉

Actually, this post is another throwback! If you are getting tired of throwbacks, don’t worry because I only have a few of them left… around 3-4 posts. Yay! 😀 After which, I would have to devote more love, time and effort to bring new newer tutorials. Yay! 😀

Last 2013, I made the wedding invitations for a friend wherein I decorated the seal of the envelope with 3D flowers to complement the invitation which was bordered with roses and hydrangea, which is also the theme of their wedding and the composition of the bride’s would be bouquet. 🙂

And here are the quick steps:

1. Using EK Success’ 2.25 Scalloped Circle large puncher, I punched out the shape from light green cardstock to use as my background.

2. Using Bigshot and Sizzix 3D flowers die, I cutout pink felt and created a big pink rose with it. This is the technique I used for rolling up the flower, it’s the easiest technique I found out there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgAn8bvXGoY

3. I then punched out and crumpled tiny blue flowers using my Carl Craft small flower punch. Then stuck them on top of a big lump of glue for dimension to look similar to a hydrangea.

4. After that, I stuck the rose on one side (a bit closer to the center) of the green scallop, making it seem like it’s surrounded by the hydrangea flowers.

5. Then I stuck the bottom side of the green scallop into the center of the envelope.

It’s that simple and here are the photos:

Hmmm… so if yesterday you created a notecard with a pretty butterfly, how about complementing it with 3D flowers for the envelope? 😉

How to: Notecard

I love love love butterflies! An I love love love Martha Stewart’s Doily Lace Edge Punch. And I love love love notecards, bookmarks and the like! So here’s a not so throwback throwback post on how to create one.

Well, technically it’s still a throwback post since I will be re-using instructions and photos from my previous blog, but not so throwback since I will be adding in some new points; though just a few.

So with tummy aching, eyebrows curling and forehead scrunching, I present to you, simple instructions on how to make your own cute notecards. (Haha. What an introduction! But yep, I am in the middle of terrible tummy aches but I do not want to let this mood to post something pass… I am trying my best to stick to my blogging-posting-commitment here. Hihihi.)


  • Shape Punchers (e.g. Scalloped Circle, Butterfly)
  • Martha Stewart Edge Punch (e.g. Lattice, Doily Lace)
  • Cardstock or Special Board/Paper
  • Adhesive, Glue Gun+Stick
  • Fabric Tape, Scrapbook Paper and other designs.
  • Cutter or scissors


  1. Cut out sheets of cardstock according to desired card size, doubled in height since this will be folded in half. In the photos below, I used 5×8 so the folded size would be 5×4.
  2. Fold in half.
  3. Use the Martha Steward Edge Punch of your choice to decorate the bottom part of your card’s front flap. You can either punch off the whole edge or just a portion to create a window effect.
  4. Decorate the inside of your card with fabric tape or colored paper such that it shows through the decorated edge of your card at front.
  5. Cut/Punch out embellishments such as butterflies and adhere to your card’s front for added decoration.

And there you have it! Your very own cutie cutie notecards!


20160221_190127 (2)

You can actually create your own version of notecards or stationeries with different patterns and designs. These are just a few of them.
(Whew! I almost gave up completing this post but yey! I survived!) So, what do you think? Feel free to create your own and share them with me too! 🙂



How To: No Sew Tutu

I must admit, I wasn’t able to fulfill the 1-post-a-week I originally planned on doing, but I will do my best to uphold this commitment moving forward.

So while my work laptop is acting up (yeah, it’s taking 45 minutes to boot after I upgraded to Skype. boo-hoo), I am taking this opportunity to update you with one of my previous favorite tutorials, the No Sew Tutu [Dress]! I actually keep calling it Tutu Dress even though Tutu in itself already means “skirt”, one  that is particularly used in ballet. But you get the point.

So let me show you the tutu dress I made for my daughter’s photoshoot back in 2013 for her first birthday:

And here’s how you can make one yourself:

– 3 yards dark pink soft tulle
– 1 yard 1-inch wide ribbon
– 1 baby headband
– scissors
– glue gun
– glue stick

1. Cut the tulle in 20 inches by 6 inches (length x width) strips.
2. Tie each strip of tulle around the hols in the baby headband.
3. Cut 2 8-inch strips of  the ribbon.
4. Attach each white ribbon strip into the back of the baby headband.

For a more illustrative tutorial, which also serves as my reference, you may view video here.

And that’s it! 🙂