Sunflower Mask

Now here’s a craft project with minimal effort. It was impromptu. And took only around 20 minutes of our lunch time.

Sunflower Mask!!!

Around 2 weeks ago, my friend at work, Tina, asked for ideas how to make a sunflower costume for her daughter’s school presentation. She said an average sunflower headband, which doesn’t even cover the whole face, costs Php 600 (USD 12). And I told her it was too costly when all she needs are brown and yellow crepe or felt paper, board, scissors and double-sided tape. I was telling her it was easy to do and started giving her quicm instructions until she decided to buy the materials from a bookstore nearby so I could teach her over lunch.

So lunch time came and we came down to business. No templates. We just went ahead and cutout a circle from the center of a paper plate (insteas of a board) to serve as our mask base. Then we cut out petals from the felt and crepe papers. And cutout strips from the brown crepe papers.

Then assembled them together, in layers using double-sided tape.

And ta-dah!!! Here’s our finished product!


Pretty, don’t you think?

Special thanks to May for trying it out! 🙂

Simple projects like this give me bliss!


To God be the glory!

Throwback: Dana Cosplays

Last October 2016, we had a cosplay event at work. Employees and their kids were asked to come in Anime costumes and have fun with the program and treats prepared by the generous people from the company.

Of course, I signed up my daughter to the event. I had a lot of ideas in mind for her costume, especially something Card Captor Sakura… but then I received a notice from the company that we did not make it to the cut. So there, my world crumbled down to pieces. Haha. Kidding. But needless to say, I stopped making all efforts at making her a costume since we wouldn’t be going to the event anyway.

HOWEVER!!! 3 DAYS before the event, my former manager informed me to ignore the decline notice since they reserved special slots for us, and so the event continues and so does the excitement. But my world crumbled the second time after realizing we were only 3 days from the event but I didn’t have anything prepared yet.

So in a rush, I had to come up with something. I wanted it to be unique. It doesn’t matter if only a few recognizes it. I decided, I wanted to make her Mikasa from the Anime Attack on Titan.

So with little budget and little time on hand, I DIY’ed her costume and here’s how she looked.


Pretty fun ei? I dunno about you but I really loved it. Sure it looked really handmade, but I guess my daughter can rock anything she wears! (Haha, yeah, ako na ang number 1 fan ng anak ko.) But really… isn’t she lovely? cute? charming? cool?

And to top it all, I was really happy that she liked her costume and she went to the event with me, “in character!”

So that’s it for now. Please let me know what you think!


To God be the glory!